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Beatrice Ryan Voice Over

A matter of life and depth in authentic voice overs.

You can easily reach me at or +1.562.373.5511 to get high-quality narration for explainers, e-learning modules, PSAs, exhibits, commercials, and whiteboard videos—all ranging in tone from conversational to corporate.

I bring a savvy, professional, engaging, and smooth neutral American female voice to your teachable moments. I'm also easy to work with, flexible, and have a pro home studio.

On April 25, 2021, a panel of seven esteemed judges dubbed me the “Whole Package” talent in a multiple-round challenge at that year’s VO Atlanta conference.

Had a splendid time at VO Atlanta 2023 in person March 23 – 26, 2023. 

VO Atlanta is the largest multi-day gathering of voice over talent, agents, engineers, and other industry pros in the world. The pool of diverse, mega-talented contestants went from thirty, to ten, then five, and finally—to my happy surprise—one! The three entries that advanced me through the rounds can be heard in my VoiceZam™ player by changing the samples category from “Narration” to “Award-Winning” or through visiting that showcase by clicking here.

In a non-pandemic year, this competition would have been on an in-person, scampering-around-the-hotel, team basis instead of as individuals scattered around the globe. Had a fantastic experience in the 2023 conference as part of Team Nine as we put together a PSA for community animal shelters. 

About Me:

TL; DR — I’m a big nerd with an out-there sense of humor, a wide breadth of experience in many areas, and a bit of more comprehensive knowledge in others. Like any good voice over talent, I use these aspects to bring more life and depth to whatever needs to be heard.

I live in Nashville, Tennessee, US — a city brimming with extraordinary performers and artists — with my amazing boyfriend and three (R.I.P. Rocky) two awesome cats. Every day, I feel grateful for the privilege of being involved in voice over / voiceover / voice-over. Making clients happy, rehearsing copy, editing recordings, taking courses & seminars, devouring podcasts, reading, and staying connected with contemporaries in my field keeps my fires stoked. In addition, coaching is a critical part of the process and I’m blessed to have studied in-person with Joe Loesch (who also produced and directed my demos) and Everett Oliver, when he graced Nashville with his presence to conduct a life-changing animation VO workshop.

Attended the all-virtual 2021 VOAtlanta:  The Journey to Resilience conference—the largest in our industry—where I took many workshops and seminars by (and with) leading talent in the field. On-mic, I had amazing opportunities to be coached by Dave Walsh, Dave Fennoy, and Cliff Zellman.

At the 2023 VOAtlanta conference, I had the privilege of being directed in X-Sessions by Anne Ganguzza (Medical Narration) and Scott Parkin (Improv for VO). 

I have been a member of the World-Voices Organization (WoVO) since 2019 and joined the newly-formed National Association of Voice Actors (NAVA) in 2023. Also, I’m part of a kick-arse VO fellowship in Nashville through the Tennessee Voice Over Exchange (T‑VOE). I’m happy to say that I’ve found my tribe.

Early Life

Originally, I hailed from Los Angeles (Pico Rivera) and spent my early childhood there and bounding around in Colorado, Arizona, and Nevada. I eventually landed in Kentucky, but my dialect never became full-bore Southern. From about nine years of age, I was raised in foster care and have an incomplete family history; however, I do know that my mother (from Kentucky) was likely of Scots-Irish descent and that my father (from Montana) was Sisseton-Wahpeton Sioux (Fort Peck rez) and (by his reckoning) Irish. Despite a dozen-or-so semesters of Spanish in high school and college, I have some basic Spanish language capabilities — which tend to be more textbook than conversational.

Gaining Depth Through Experience

Speaking of education, I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Studio Art from Murray State University. My primary areas of focus were black and white film photography and drawing with both wet and dry media. Spent time in sculpture (loved welding but made some awful welds!), metalsmithing, and woodworking, too. College gave me the opportunity and experience to learn the characteristics and handling of numerous materials, both natural and man-made. Overall, I’m great with my hands and love to build and fix things. Aside from Spanish, I also minored in cultural anthropology for a while and held an office internship through MSU at Wickliffe Mounds Archaeological Research Center.

As far as my working career goes, I trod an array of paths. For example:  Serving food in restaurants, assembling circuit boards, providing 411 Directory Assistance, touching up and printing large format images, toiling as a legal secretary, supporting mental health services, delivering substance abuse education courses, shooting still and moving images for a feature-length film, and information technology.

When I’m not doing VO stuff, assisting the rest of the IT team at my construction industry office job, or taking care of the necessary chorin’, I might be breaking my WordPress pages, taking Udemy, Skillshare, or LinkedIn Learning courses, making digital art, falling down rabbit holes about natural history, conducting experiments in home improvement, posting memes, and bewildering cats.

A Matter of Life and Depth in Voice Over

In conclusion, I detail these facets of my life because they dimensionalize some of what makes me who I am. Above all, through these experiences I use my voice to judiciously apply texture, nuance, credibility, expertise, and imagination behind your written words to deliver a memorable message that will not only be heard, but also felt by your audience.

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